Welcome to the first entry in my design diary were I will chronicle decorating adventures in the past, present and plans for the future. We moved in to our new home a little more than a year ago and I’ve been pretty busy slapping paint and do-dads on the walls.

   I had a lot of fun doing the kitchen. My mother and I painted, added new hardware and blinds in 2 days…well she worked by herself the second day because I was sick as a dog. That part wasn’t fun but I am so grateful to have my mother!! These pictures don’t really do the transformation justice.

  Excuse Carls shocked face, it was the first time we went to view our house before we bought it and he was pretty excited about the “man cave”…now turned “kid cave”.Also please excuse the quality of the before picture but it’s the only one I have. This transformation was a big one for us and I love it.

  I painted the white stucco wall the same color yellow as the other 3 walls hoping the stucco design would just “blend into the background” but it didn’t. I have a plan for this though so stay tuned. Then, with the help from my mother (Ya Mom!!), we painted the fireplace to give it a more updated and clean look. 

And these are shots from some of my favorite places in my home.  

I hope you have enjoyed my before and after pics and that you’ll keep checking back for more from my Design Diary.




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