I am the type of person who likes change, craves it. A paint brush and some paint can go a long way towards change. I love color and different color combinations. Painting decorative accents gives me a whole new look! It’s also WAY cheaper than coloring my hair and buying new clothes.

Here are a few of the projects I have done lately

This one doesn’t have to do with paint but plants help create change too and I’m really proud of this one. I was inspired by all the terrariums on Pinterest and came across one of a tiny tree and I had to have one of my own!! All I did was find and pull up (for the roots, of course) a little pine tree bud…while having my afternoon coffee with the kids. Next I gathered a fish bowl I had picked up for $1.00 at a flea market, a bag of pebbles from the Dollar Store and some potting soil. Then I shaped the tree to resemble a bonsai tree before I put it all together. I think it’s soooo cute!!

I bought these letters at Wal-Mart for $1.50 each and painted them bright sunny yellow, a color I am really drawn to right now. Next time I do these letters I will take the time to sand them before I paint. The edges were really rough but I was in too much of a hurry to see it done.

I was trying to grow some 4 leaf clovers from a kit I had gotten but as you can see…it only produced a patch of 3 leaf clovers. Then when a friend found and gave a 4 leaf clover to me I grabbed an odd frame I had lying around, painted the frame and matt and VOILA… a free and unique statement piece.

A few little fabulous Finds. I hope they can be of some inspiration for your home.




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