Image   Scrabble Art is nothing new and so simple to do. It is also very cheap to do. It cost me nothing (besides the cost to print) which in my opinion is the best type of project!!

   You simply use the scrabble letters from your game (if you don’t have one you could probably find one cheap at a yard sale) and any pretty craft paper, wrapping paper or material (I have even used pillow covers) you can find. Good lighting is a must too when taking the pictures. I put mine on the floor so I could take the shot from above. I also used BeFunky Photos to do my editing. I got them printed at Wal-Mart for .25 (for a 4×6) and paid a dollar for a cute frame from the Dollar Store. You could even get an enlarge ment to an 8×10 for $1.00 !! 

  A display of family names or words of endearment would make a fabulous display. Have fun with it!!

  Here are a few of my favorites


    This makes me happy just loooking at it

Not that I need any reminders to EatImageImageImageThis would be adorable in a little girls room


   Who doesn’t need a little bit of Peace and Love


 Well that’s it folks, a Fabulous Find for $1.25!!




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